Add a little poetry to your life!

To see the extraordinary from the ordinary, to decipher the divine from the mundane, is to add meaning to your life, is to enjoy the daily routine without being drowned by it.  Here, I hope the ordinary or the extraordinary will uplift your spirit just a tiny bit, and that will add a little joy to my life.      

Rainbow – Poem and Art

Rainbow An ordinary winter day By a common street of a small California town. Cold and bleak all around. A few pedestrians on rain soaked sidewalk, homebound.   An excited exclaiming came around: “Look at THAT!” There it was, shimmering, dazzling, dangling on the North East, Wet from birth, against a gloomy background, Across the entire sky, wide and tall, A magnificent rainbow, earthbound.   All souls on the sidewalk ceased walking, Jaws dropping, eyes popping, not a sound around. “Haven’t seen a rainbow THIS big, all my life!” An old man muttered, astounded.   However briefly it intervened the …

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Hello World!

Welcome to the world of Joanne Tan, told through pictures. Joanne Tan’s landscape and nature photographs have been displayed by both Bank of the West and the Citibank branches in Lafayette. A number of Bay Area stores also sell her landscape photos, photos on canvas, and her photo greeting cards.  Her patrons include private collectors as well as businesses, offices, and restaurants.  In her upcoming book “True Art Lives Forever”, a compilation of her photos and poems, Joanne is celebrating both creation’s grandeur and nature’s exquisite and ordinary details. Joanne is also a recognized portrait photographer, retained by a large …