Hello World!

Welcome to the world of Joanne Tan, told through pictures.

Joanne Tan’s landscape and nature photographs have been displayed by both Bank of the West and the Citibank branches in Lafayette. A number of Bay Area stores also sell her landscape photos, photos on canvas, and her photo greeting cards.  Her patrons include private collectors as well as businesses, offices, and restaurants.  In her upcoming book “True Art Lives Forever”, a compilation of her photos and poems, Joanne is celebrating both creation’s grandeur and nature’s exquisite and ordinary details.

Joanne is also a recognized portrait photographer, retained by a large regional community organization for special events attended by thousands of people.  She is also the portrait photographer for members in her local church.  Her photographic services for portraits, parties, and events have been highly praised by her clients, one of whom stated:

Joanne came to me through others who knew her and stated that she is an excellent photographer and very easy to work with.  I have seen this in spades as I had to have her assistance long distance [I live 475 miles from Walnut Creek].  We established what was needed for my mother’s 100th birthday party through emails and telephone calls occasionally.  When all was said and done the results were exemplary.  My mother looks fantastic, the pictures were well placed and I could not ask for more assistance.  She even went to the Stanley Dollar Mansion three times, once before the party and once after the party plus, of course, the day of the party so that we could have the pictures that made this entire day well documented.

I recommend Joanne Tan without reservation to anyone who has need of her photographic services. –  Kile F. Nightingale, Ed. Spec.