Winner, 2nd Place, End of Year Competition 2015, Professional Photographers of Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Illustrative Category.

My “King of the Wild” was taken in the wilderness of Black Diamond Mine, in Contra Costa County, North California. The majestic wild oak tree towering and dwarfing over the background of small trees and shrubs inspire me to name it “King of the Wild”.  The End of Year Competition was not easy to win, since submitted photos by professional photographers must have also won monthly competitions during the same year.  It was anonymously judged by well-known master photographers with careful deliberation, according to the standards set by Professional Photographers of America.

Winner, 2014 End of Year Competition

My nature photo, “2 Trees in Early Winter” won 3rd place, Illustrative Category, at the 2014 End of Year Image Competition of the Professional Photographers of Greater San Francisco Bay Area (PPGBA).

US Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Took My “Mt. Diablo” Photo Art To Washington D.C.

When Mark DeSaulnier was running for United States Congress as a California Senator, he saw my photographic print on canvas, “Mount Diablo Under a Glorious Sky” hanging in Danville Chamber of Commerce, California, and he loved it. Now after he won the election, he bought it and took it to Washington D.C. This piece of fine art will be hanging in his new office. I also gave him a poem: “Mount Diablo”: Mt. Diablo so named by the Indians as the Mountain of the Devil. He’s the king among a pack of lions, maned head yawning out morning mist: Regal. …

My landscape photo is featured on PPGBA Bulletin’s Cover, with its story

My landscape fine art photo, “Yellow Mountain No. 1” was featured on the cover of November 2014’s Bulletin of Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA): http://ppgba.org/wp-content/uploads/201411Bull.pdf The Bulletin’s second page published this “Cover Story” for this photo: “This month’s cover named ‘Yellow Mountain in China’ was created by Joanne Tan. She earned a Blue Ribbon in the September Illustative category this year. Joanne tells us, ‘The Yellow Mountain, a/k/a Huang Shan, is one of China’s most scenic mountains, in Anhui. I went there in early summer 2012 with my two teenage sons and my nephew. Huang Shan is …

Recent Winning at Photographic Competition

One of my portraits titled “Are You Trustworthy?” came 3rd place, and a landscape photo “Yellow Mountain in China” won 2nd place in the last photographic competition at the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, San Francisco, September 18, 2014.  www.ppgba.com I am a member of PPGBA, NCPP (Northern California Professional Photographers), and PPA (Professional Photographers of America).    

What to do if White Balance is accidentally set at the wrong setting?

it is all about a habit for setting White Balance, before and after each shooting session; but if you forget, there are remedies: I was shooting an indoor event of a Boy Scouts troop’s court of honor, under fluorescent lights from the high ceiling of an auditorium. I changed the white balance setting from “AWB (automatic white balance) ” to “day white”, to reduce the yellow patches on the faces, resulting from the camera’s registration of the ceiling’s light. This move was successful, and the “day white” setting also warmed up the skin color of faces, naturally (unless I shoot …

Mt. Diablo

Available for purchase Mt. Diablo so named by the Indians as the Mountain of the Devil. He’s the king of a pack of lions, maned head yawning in morning clouds, regal. Asleep or awake, his twin peaks are ears keenly alert, traffic in the valley, planes in the air, coyotes whimpering, earthworms digging dirt,… He is a wise and revered patriarch watching his clan with a quiet gaze, nothing escapes. On a dry autumn day smoke arose on his shoulder’s golden hair, flames moved across his chest. People in the valley, young and old, gardeners, CEOs, meter maids, pupils, chefs, …

Yin & Yang, Gold & Blue

Visible Are the smooth, round, well polished hills, By the invisible hands of Wind, rain, heat, and chill. Seeable Are the grooves, paths, fences, cars parked in the distance, no one can tell from whence. But where are the cows, the hikers, and keepers of this land, Whose hooves and boots left the golden hills branded? I can see the slithering grey road Winding down and around, To the blue and grey bay, the still wind blades, And a patch of a little town. Invisible Are the heart beats of the land, Breathing up and down. The yearning of the …

A French Country View

I took this on the way to Le Monte Saint Michele (Mt. Saint. Michael), a UN World Heritage site, driving pass the beautiful French country.  This picture reminds me of Van Gogh’s painting, with brilliant yellow of various shades in the field, the pure blue sky, and the peaceful town in the distance… There is a boat resting in the river, and the steeple perfectly “breaks” the horizontal lines and making the layers connected into a wholesome piece of art. Joanne Tan