Rainbow – Poem and Art

Photographed in Lafayette, California after a rainy day when it was still drizzling.


An ordinary winter day

By a common street of a small California town.

Cold and bleak all around.

A few pedestrians on rain soaked sidewalk, homebound.


An excited exclaiming came around:

“Look at THAT!”

There it was, shimmering, dazzling, dangling on the North East,

Wet from birth, against a gloomy background,

Across the entire sky, wide and tall,

A magnificent rainbow, earthbound.


All souls on the sidewalk ceased walking,

Jaws dropping, eyes popping, not a sound around.

“Haven’t seen a rainbow THIS big, all my life!”

An old man muttered, astounded.


However briefly it intervened the ordinary,

All left with a sense of wonder, newly found.

When life seemed a routine and we least expected the extraordinary,


there came the unexplainable and confound.

(Poem by Joanne Tan, 11/12/13.  Photo by Joanne Tan, all rights reserved.)