Yin & Yang, Gold & Blue

 Meandering Down the Golden Hills to Wind Blades in Livermore, CA.  Blue & yellow are the colors of Contra Costa County in Mediterranean style summer, a winding path snakes down the intersecting gentle rounded hills, to the blue bay beyond which is the wall of wind turbines in Livermore, California.

Are the smooth, round, well polished hills,
By the invisible hands of
Wind, rain, heat, and chill.

Are the grooves, paths, fences,
cars parked in the distance,
no one can tell from whence.
But where are the cows, the hikers, and keepers of this land,
Whose hooves and boots left the golden hills branded?

I can see
the slithering grey road
Winding down and around,
To the blue and grey bay, the still wind blades,
And a patch of a little town.

Are the heart beats of the land,
Breathing up and down.
The yearning of the golden,
The waiting by the blue,
For the formless powerful ghost
To turn the wind blades around,
To caress the lonely hills,
And to light up the little town.

Life forces, yin and yang,
What you see,
Is what you cannot see,
All around.

(Poem by Joanne Tan, 11/20/2013. Photo by Joanne Tan. All rights reserved.)


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  1. This photo was taken across from Livermore, at the Black Diamond Mine, in Contra Costa County, CA. This is a typical Northern California scene in the summer and early fall. The windmill blades are in the blue vanishing horizon.

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