Poem by Joanne Z. Tan, founder and CEO, 10+ Visual Branding, 10+ Super Brand, a/k/a Joanne Tan Visual Branding, Photographic artist, poet, Poem And Art Studio, "Did Berlin Kill You, Anthony Bourdain?"

Did Berlin Kill You, Anthony Bourdain?

  Did Berlin kill you, Anthony Bourdain? Your last stop, the dark side, the self-mutilating pains and sufferings captured by the photographer whom you too kindly described as non judgemental, yet whose attention celebrated the evil.   Did it get to you too deep? So deep and personal that you could not shake if off, and just carry on, as normal?   Your sensitive soul, inclined to self-blaming; Your acute sense of justice, after seeing too much, the bloody, the gory, the silent screaming, the twisted howling, the uninhibited exhibition of craze, thirst, Dante’s infernal…   And the compounding of …