Photographic Services

 Photographic Services

kitten & 2 boysPortraits

Indoor or outdoor portrait photography for individuals, couples, families, children, pets.  See samples in the “Portrait” Photofolio.   Joanne Tan’s portrait photography aims to capture not just smiles, but a person’s soul with each twinkle in the eye and various fleeting facial expressions. Formal portraits for social media and professional use will be taken at Joanne Tan’s Studio upon request.




  • Corporate – Business conferences, ceremonies, showcases, public events, holiday parties, performances, projects.
  • Parties & Reunions – Birthday parties, celebrations, family get together for all occasions.


Heavenly light casting down through beautiful orange, purple, red and yellow colored sunset clouds, over another cloud above Mt. Diablo, California. Photographed on a glorious September dusk.Fine Art Photography – Nature

Prints and canvases of landscapes and nature can be ordered directly from this website, for beautifying homes and offices.  This folder contains only landscape photos, for other nature photos, such as trees, forests, flowers, animals, please visit “Photofolio”, and “Prints & Canvases For Sale” to purchase.

 H--interiors---architect---View-of-ZLouvre-Inside-Out-through-the-Glass-Pyramid----(full-size)Interior Design & Gardens

Photographic services are provided for “before and after” or for completed layout for all types of interiors, interior design, landscaping design, and gardens.


Water fountains laying out in a pattern around the Glass Pyramid in the square outside the Louvre Palace. The picture was taken from inside of a glass of a tall building.Architectural

All aspects of buildings exteriors, landmarks, and details are photographed, either for architects and contractors uses, or purely as part of the fine art photography.  Prints and canvases can be ordered from this website, for decorating homes and offices.