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“True art lives forever”

Joanne Tan’s photography captures the uniqueness bestowed upon each individual.  More than just taking pictures, Joanne is intuitively gifted in spotting your sparkle, nuanced expression, and silent body language. In your own wholesome and truthful state the beauty in every person shines. Natural, spontaneous, and unique – these elements are the signature of the soul.“There is poetry in everyone’s face.  With the right background, indoors or outdoors, we add the right melody or harmony to the centerpiece, which is the person or the family in the portrait.” This is Joanne Tan’s photography: art and poetry that endures the test of time.  As a talented painter and poet, Joanne Tan gives that quality of art and poetry in her fine art photos.

Should you prefer indoor portraits under professional lights with backdrops, or outdoors in nature, you receive more than images. Your classic wall portraits will grace above your mantelpiece, in your family room, bedroom, or office to be cherished day after day.

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